Do You Know Your Body?

To understand the messages your body sends you, you must be neurologically sound. That means to have a stable appetite you are satisfied from the food you eat. You do not think that satiety means being physically FULL! Example: I just ate a three course meal and I want something sweet! When you eat food that gives you no energy even pain messages or inflammatory disturbances are not reacted to. In the beginning of all illness you can eat yourself to numbness. If any nerve pathway is blocked your symptoms or signs of regulation are blocked and never really perceived. Eat food that is salty and sweet or processed, cured or smoked and the metabolic response is ? I am too tired. I will go to sleep but I cannot stay asleep.  The more you listen to the messages your body sends you, the less complicated your complete and uncompromised function becomes. Remember this! If you are eating late at night you will sleep less, recuperate with less reserve energy. Less stored energy means you are less adaptable to stress. It means you will age faster. To know your body is to balance sugar, salt. To maintain lean body mass and keep the stomach lean. Do some stomach exercises and maintain lean body mass.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. BCIMD. N.M.D.