Do You Want To Heal

Does the current health care system say in the description of care, cure? No! Why? Because it is the responsibility of both the patient and the provider to have  personal harmony. It is the doctor's job to identify all the variables, to establish trust, and reinforce good change, but before he can do that, the patient must accept their own condition. In any walk of life, if you can't face your problem the outcome is more debilitating. Some symptoms are not even felt after some time. Why? Because if the message is not addressed and an ingenious solution is not made and accepted, then the nerves die and the feelings or symptoms are numb. That is dangerous. No feel, no tell, no tell, no response, no response, no solution, then you may get an abundance of attention, but no resolve, just continued compromise. If you have the knowledge and have felt how you have gotten better but don't accept the change and fall backwards, who do you get mad at? Some people will blame others and some will blame themselves but when your energy and nerve pathways are vibrant that's when you are strong enough to accept the truth and ask yourself? Do You Want To Heal? And the answer is 99% yes.

"To Know Is To Heal"

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.