Do You Want To Lower Cholesterol?

To Lower Cholesterol is to reduce the risk for circulatory disease and to increase the immune system. We never want cholesterol below 120, that gives an increased risk for cancer according to a study at the University of Bridgeport. With good cardiovascular health the lymphatic system can stay in contact with your autoimmune system. At The Ehrhardt Center good nutrition has clinically proven its effect on LDL cholesterol. Whether its for weight loss, hypertension, CVD, stroke risk or diabetes, all specific nutritional protocols done here have lowered LDL cholesterol. Following the the order of food, eating early and purging with water and lemon have been significant variables in lowering cholesterol before completely terminating medication. By eating your proteins first, your cooked vegetables second and your salads last with no late eating  LDL cholesterol has gone down by 40-70 points in 90% of the measured cases. These factors help liver function which in turn filters the blood with less resistance. Great work to all of patients from The Ehrhardt Center who have recently gotten off of your hyperlipidemic medication. Eating for energy and not confusing your digestive system while taking your enzymes, drinking water, purging salt, and eating for 12 hours and fasting for 12 hours, reduces: cholesterol, nocturnal urination, insomnia and excessive hunger. In some of these measured cases we saw cholesterol numbers with medication in the low 140's, then with no medication we saw a slight increase to 160-170. Remember all food has some sodium and when you lower that LDL cholesterol with the simple water and lemon purge your success is greater. Stay close to your personal language of health.

        Stay tuned for more real healing!

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.