Does Impaired Smell Affect Eating?

At The Ehrhardt Center, years of verifiable data in research shows that whether your smell is neurologically damaged or you have the rhinovirus and your nasal mucosa is inflamed it affects the following. Sense of smell, taste and can cause the unconscious need for spicy and salty foods. The spicy foods temporarily dilate blocked nasal appendages and with salt and spice together it increases speed of eating and can stop a runny nose for a short time. The old adage of feed a cold and starve a fever is very much observed here. Plenty of hot fluid and rest!

In summary: salt and spicy food will make you eat faster. Salt does increase cholesterol and it can boost the immune system. But it has to be the right amount and not when you are well! When the sense of smell is impaired in any way you will have a hard time maintaining your ideal weight.

This excerpt is not for diagnosis and treatment.

These statements should be only discussed with your personal health care provider.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.