Food and Mood

If you think that food has no bearing on your healing then you don't pay attention to yourself. If you eat food that is sweet and short for the exchange of energy, what can you expect? A short attention span or a short fuse. Loss of memory, dehydration, which can yield to muscle loss, strength loss, high blood sugar, adrenal, kidney problems and hypertension. This is both structural and functional. When you used to be able to do this or that and now you can't, it can be the precursor to depression. Sweet and salty foods are equally addictive. They can cause B-vitamin deficiencies, vitamin C deficiencies, potassium loss, magnesium loss, muscle weakness and insomnia. Then when you don't get rest you don't recuperate. No rebuilding higher risk factors for the big three illnesses and the consistent and constant cycle of depression and autointoxication.  Next I will give you some meals to avoid these compromised conditions.

Stay Tuned.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.