Is Nutrition Your Medicine?

The science of food is comprised of so many complex variables. The point that is important to all of you here is how the right food can heal you. Whether big companies are manipulating seeds and controlling farming, it all comes down to how they make money. Their cause is not for the well being of the food chain to protect you from disease. I will talk more about that at a later date but for now as a clinical food scientist, you don't heal without food, energy and nutrients. All healthy cells require oxygen, glucose and amino acids which are essential and nonessential. The difference is we need the essential amino acids from our diet and the non essential is produced by a healthy body. Can the human body re-regulate and produce amino acids that produce insulin and regulate blood sugar? Can certain fats and hyaluronic acids with phosphatidylcholine stop lung disease or cancer? Can aloe vera juice with vitamin C and L-Glutamine reduce the need for methotrexate in Crohn's disease? Can cholesterol be lowered 100%: meaning improving  HDL Lowering LDL and Triglycerides by water and lemon used properly? Can vitamin D and methylcobolamin increase blood platelet levels to normal? Yes to all. References available upon request.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D