Medically Managed Prevention

To have a lifelong relationship with a group of doctors that you don't talk to  about  your disease first, is the vision of MMP. Lets think prevention. They solve the problem of your diagnosis and empower you to have that valued relationship with your choices and understanding of your personal susceptibility. Your not afraid to go to him or her because your sick, you will actually feel comfortable asking questions at designated times by your  personal health care doctor. He or she will give all the aspects of the Players in your healthy lifestyle. Giving solutions from, updated clinical findings in research and applications and controlling your personal environment with foods, water, exercise, knowledge, psychology and care that gives you intelligible and reinforcing actions. This will procure the consistent and reliable mindset of learning your new happy and repeatable actions of health. Understanding the genius of your personal science of energy. Knowing that everything you think you become. If you succumb to compromise with malfunction and continued excuses you stay ill. The Ehrhardt Center for Integrative Medicine will soon be introducing a whole new group of multi-modal applications for regenerative healing. Stay tuned!

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D

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