Nutritional Advancements

The American population needs to understand foods better! To recognize what food does is to have knowledge of the risk factors. Here is what has happened at The Ehrhardt Center in the last week. Patient # 1: Type II diabetes, 15 years of uncontrolled blood sugars that were thought to be controlled or sustained. The result: no energy to initiate exercise, uncontrolled eating habits, swollen ankles and feet, neuropathy, dehydration, heart, lung and kidney pressure; high blood pressure, respiratory distress, wheezing, excessive urination, nocturnal urination, insomnia, bloating, constipation, hyper-lipidemia (high cholesterol), atrial fibrillation. In 6 months this patient has reduced sugars by enhanced carbohydrate metabolism, with food combinations, more vegetables and less land animal consumption, proper food choices have increased the actions of proteases and corrected magnesium deficiencies,  this  resulted in a reduced HBA1C to 5.7 from an average of 8.0. Patient has lost 36.5 pounds, and has decreased body fat by 4%. No neuropathy , eating less more satiety, no excessive urination, no swelling, more energy, better sleep, closer to ideal weight, no blood pressure headaches, no heart flutters or palpitations, reduced cholesterol and finally better fitting shoes and clothes. This result came from real healing with complete and controlled lifestyle changes that were taught with truth and stress reduction. This change is a repertoire with healthful decision making that results in the conscious and continued living of avoiding the risk factors. To accept and understand the quiet control of your personal and divine decisions for you're very own unique and uncompromised function. If you have the will, it will give you the grace.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.