Nutritional Medicine

Can you get better with food? You certainly can. If you eat food that gives you energy, you maintain pathways of communication, or synthesize messages that carry out vital systemic function. The key to a steady state of uncompromised function is to value the human bodies ideal ability to communicate. If you eat something and it makes you tired or causes inflammation it will hurt you, and it won't be until after the fact. Learning to listen to the relationship between the food you eat and how it affects your functional capacity is the key to: eating, drinking, sleeping, repairing, and rebuilding. When you are so hungry after eating you have blocked digestive pathways and then you become dehydrated even more, and that is when the vital pathways in the enteric nervous system send you no messages. Result suffocation! Continued eating to fullness. The primary purpose of food is energy. Ask yourself one vital question? If you have no energy you can't ask or answer questions because your message pathways are blocked. The pathways from your gut, to your heart, to your brain comprise the complete and systemic control of all your vital capacities. The nerve pathways are either hydrated with minerals or depleted from, high levels of sugar or salt. When you eat food that does not give you some water, minerals, and vitamins, and it does not have the enzymatic capacity to synergistically convert all foods to energy, then the proper neurological pathway gets blocked. All food with energy carries messages and helps DNA synthesis. Some more than others, based on their biological value. Remember that fresh biologically valuable foods always help you with your ingestion and digestion. The easier it is to digest the faster the energy is transferred, the less resistance against your organs, the faster your metabolism becomes, the quicker your egestion protects you. With less injury, and better nerve pathways to send and receive messages the equation results in a longer more functional life! Eat less! Have more oxygen.

With Health and Happiness

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N,M.D,