Vegetables have many functions and their primary benefit is the release of water, minerals and hydrochloric acid. In pernicious anemia hydrochloric acid is absent from the stomach (achlorhydria). This can start many problems and diseases. But let us learn the vital need for vegetables.

Spinach; builds the blood and stops bleeding, must be cooked to protect against oxalates ( thins blood and binds calcium).

Onion or scallions; excellent for the lungs, good for the common cold.

Chives; influences the kidneys, liver, and stomach and is good for cold hands and cold feet, it  is also beneficial for circulation.

Tomato; has a cooling nature, strengthens the stomach, cleans the liver, purifies the blood, can increase the appetite and protect the prostate gland in men.

Garlic; eliminates toxins from the body, promotes circulation and sweating, works very well with onions and can remove abdominal obstructions.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.