Real Nutrition Is Real Medicine

When you can't break down food that you put in your mouth and energy is not available, you are bound for metabolic breakdown. If you mix sugars with fats or textured dry foods it raises your cholesterol. When you eat salty foods and you are not exercising and purging then your LDL cholesterol goes up. That ends up affecting 66-99% of your cholesterol. When you mix pasta with shrimp or another complete protein the sugar from the pasta causes the fat from the shrimp or the other protein to be harder to break down. When you eat food that gives you no energy and you have no reserve energy stores, that's when your susceptibility affects whatever genetic weakness you have. Eat food that you can't use and it uses you! It makes you tired, irritable, weak, bloated, dehydrated and sleepless. That is no remedy for a vibrant and positively sensitized life. If you can't recuperate and heal through the science of food life becomes a continued compromise and that is premature aging.

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Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.