Use large stainless steel frying pan, med to med-high heat

Spinach, Pine nuts, String beans,  Red Onions, Broccoli florets, 

Sautéed in water 1/8 inch,Roasted garlic, Lemon 2 tspn, olive oil 2 tspn.

Optional: Chunked wild salmon, never use farm raised and always ask if they have injected coloring agents. They do not have to advertise the coloring agents but if you ask they are required to tell. At least in New Jersey.

Vegetable Recipes: Carrots, celery, tomato, arugula, string beans, watercress, With crushed macadamia nuts, water olive oil and garlic.

Escarole, chicory, asparagus, tomato, artichoke hearts, string beans, olive oil and garlic, Optional for non- diabetics or controlled diabetes with a1c below 6.0. Note: this recipe is good for the heart and can be used to slow down heart rate. Trace or arsenic in asparagus.

Enjoy with vim and vigor.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.