The Crime Of Food And The Exchange Of Energy

Do you know whats in the food that you are buying: hormones, antibiotics, salts, toxic substances? At The Ehrhardt Center, testing done on all the patients that are omnivores recently found some discouraging news. Lab tests are finding that chicken is raising LDL cholesterol due to the salt content of the chicken naturally. I reiterate this, as it has been found that chicken feed is laden with salt as it will enhance hormone uptake and make the chickens bigger. If you do not already understand that salt raises LDL cholesterol, it is now your choice to accept the fact that salt is dangerous in many ways. First it raises LDL cholesterol, increases blood pressure, by hardening and scaring dormant and active circulatory blood vessels. It puts pressure on the kidneys by thickening the blood, and increasing, urea and nitrogen. Then when the kidneys can't filter the blood from the use of various colored green, red, and purple vegetables, the risks increase for: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and blindness.Here are recent findings for all my students: there is evidence of poor digestion from high levels of nitrogen in turkey breast and all turkey parts. I would suggest complete abstinence from turkey. Evidence suggests that the turkeys have been stored before distributed and the quality is poor and its age, is advanced. Its immediate reaction is joint swelling, fatigue, bloating, lung pressure, poor sleep, muscle loss and even foot fungus. We can see this in our clinical food analysis. Please be careful.

Eat well

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N,M.D