The Maligned Egg

Eggs are so bad they raise cholesterol right? Here is the egg with the yolk soft: vitamin A, or carotenoids, for the eyes and skin, All B vitamins are in the egg.  B-1, thiamine for the nerves, muscles and brain, to stop involuntary calf contractions, it breaks down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, B-2 riboflavin, it is good for the eyes, it prevents cataracts, B-3 niacin, it reduces cholesterol, dilates blood vessels, elevates moods,it is the precursor to neurotransmitter synthesis, it can give you a flush when taken with protein and make you red, B-5 pantothenic acid, the stress vitamin and cold reducer, B-6 Pyridoxine; acts to breakdown proteins, help sebaceous glands, reduce hot flashes, acts as a diuretic, folic acid; prevents neural tube defects, stops birth defects, synthesizes proteins/amino acids to protect the immune system, Choline; to emulsify fat and to produce acetylcholine the neurotransmitter for memory, to reduce fat and cholesterol, to enhance nerve and muscle conduction and to protect and balance hormones, Inositol; both inositol and choline with phosphorus produce lecithin which has many uses, lower cholesterol, clean the liver, reduce fat, increase memory. Getting back to inositol; to reduce fat, calm the nerves, reduce thinning hair, stop gray hair, and to clean the liver,Lutein; to protect the eyes and to retard macular degeneration, and finally a special fat which is a sphingolipid, called sphingomyelin that protects the myelin sheath and the brain. Good for ADD, head injuries, concussion, MS, and all CNS function. It is found in soft egg yolk and liver. Eat eggs don't mix them with the wrong food and be well!

Now this food has between 70-90 calories and when you follow The Ehrhardt principles and add no salt, don't mix it with textured carbohydrates or sugars and you have one of the greatest foods of all!

Regards Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D