Under-rated Nutrition

Do you think that food can heal you better than medicine? Yes Food when it is chosen and eaten slowly can regenerate and heal the cells without the side affects of drugs. Drugs relieve symptoms they do not rehabilitate completely and correct your malfunction. They trick you with false messages. To rehabilitate you need knowledge and a good support system from friends, family and reputable health professionals. Always get several opinions, question the procedures and goals that your health professionals practice. All doctors must learn your nutrition and help you to adjust to your lifestyle. Goals must be reachable and conscious. Health is a practice that all who accept it, realize the truth about the changes that are needed permanently. Your food is your energy and without energy from your food, your cells never rebuild to have their originally stored potential life. To compensate is to have less and accept the compromises, with all its shortcomings. Realize that your food is your life. It will give you energy and supply antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, good carbohydrates and all their accessory nutrients.