What Does Full mean?

 I ate too much! What does that mean? It all starts in the mouth. Did you chew so fast that you choked while just biting and swallowing?

Yes I ate something small. I had to be at work early. I had left overs, cold. So this eating practice is not thought out well! If I gobble any kind of food fast with minimal chewing, you can be sure that the amount of satiety is slower, therefore the quantity is larger. If the quality of your food is poor with a short changed biological value, then you get full. Fullness eventually means dehydration. The kind of dehydration that causes minerals in and around your personal metabolic space to cause the following. Blocked nerve pathways from your gut to your brain, fatigue, bloat, weight gain. Weight gain but I am only eating one large meal and skipping 1-2 others! So yet you are eating less food but still gaining weight and fat. Balance the budget. Eat more live foods, vegetables, with the colors, green, red and purple. Chew better and take care of your teeth, while eating biologically active foods, that can be transported and converted to energy that can feed your cells consciously, where DNA transcription can protect vital function. Stop thinking that feeling full is good!

Ernest A Ehrhardt Doctor of integrative medicine NMD BCIBDM