What Is Nutrition?

Why do many people think that nutrition and dental medicine are superficial? Lets make this easy and start with common sense. If you can't first physically breakdown food due to missing teeth, from root canal's or gum disease, how is the exchange of energy maintained? Dental carries resulting in missing teeth cause organ malfunction from energy blockages. Each and every tooth has a relationship to various organs and corresponding systems that affect the ingestion, digestion and the ability to egest all the foods or food components not necessary for life. Without energy from biologically valuable foods there is no life. No energy, no message no chemical digestion and distribution. When the first vital need of energy is not met from the breakdown and distribution of foods to all the cells we begin to compromise our function by eating our stored energy reserve. When the reserve is depleted then tissue or organ susceptibility result in malfunction and or disease. Eating foods with no energy that are old, processed, smoked, cured, or dehydrated all become a suffocating deficit. We have to know where the food comes from, how it was handled or transported and always be familiar with its origin/farm geography, distributors and retailers. When you go shopping for fresh foods, what are the three most important purchasing factors? Color, texture and odor. All show levels of oxidation and freshness. Browning is the beginning of sugar and amino acid degradation, where as odor and texture mean oxidation in concert with dehydration. Lack of physical chewing and chemical digestion all lead to impaired wound healing and auto-intoxication. Keep thinking to eat for energy and clean and floss your teeth 2-3 times daily. 


Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.