When Food Looks Good

Salivation is stimulated by the sensory nervous system. So what happens when you see, smell, touch, or hear the sound of food preparation? It then stimulates saliva secretion. These stimuli constitute psychological activation and involve learned behavior.  Do you have olfactory or gustatory memories? The answer depends on the number of times that you practice the sweet tooth or the salt tooth. And some times the sour or bitter tastes at the rear of your tongue are remembered but are not, the most dominant. Two of the four tastes come from the old saying, "Its at the tip of my tongue". Yes sweet and salty are two dominant tastes at the tip of your tongue. Well because its at the tip of your tongue it conveniently taunts the speed of satiation and promotes larger and faster ingestion. And that will always make you oxidize cells first by mineral losses and dehydration and finially with the famous feeling of fatigue. If it looks to good, proceed with caution!

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.