Why Do You Feel Better With Good Food?

Good food gives you energy and you don't gain weight! When you eat food that is fresh and biologically available do you eat more or less? When you eat food that is not old it gives you energy. Do you feel better when you are dehydrated or when you expend energy that works up a sweat and motivates you to replete fluid and drink water? 

Ever notice after eating earlier you sleep better? How about eating more vegetables and having less joint pain! How about eating carrots and celery together and having better eye sight! How about eating mozzarella cheese, goat cheese or feta cheese and feeling better. How about eating on time, not after 6:30 and not having a dry mouth. How about eating less sugar and dairy and not having longer cold symptoms. Why? Sugar feeds the cold and the dairy clogs the mucus and slows down the movement of the cold, even though the purpose of mucus is to excrete.  When you eat food that gives you energy, you eat less, become more alert, sleep better. You may also tolerate stress better and stay thin, fast and strong. Then you might even look forward to exercise. Eat less live longer. Eat better foods and love the people that are close to you more.  Have faith and remember when shopping to be aware of: color, odor, and texture for freshness.  Eat well and have less conflict in all walks of life. 

That is the fulcrum of the story!

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.