Health Bank Account III

1. Mixing fat with sugar tastes better and has more calories? T/F _____

2. Eating or drinking monounsaturated fats with milk sugar builds plaque? T/F._____

3. If you eat late at night it will interfere with sleep and raise your blood sugar in the morning? T/F____

4. Eating high protein is beneficial for glucose tolerance/blood sugar, but in women it can deplete calcium and cause osteoporosis? T/F ____

5. Drinking too much fluid while eating can help with weight loss? T/F ____

6. Cereal with fruit is great for bowel ecology and enhanced enzymatic breakdown? T/F ____

7. Low blood sugar or high blood sugar affects your energy and makes you feel tired? T/F ____

8. If you ingest something sweet you will eat less food? T/F ____

9. Slicing an apple and leaving it to open air will result in the Malliard reaction which will result in a browning discoloration which is an oxidation of amino acids and sugars in the white portion of the apple? T/F ____

10.High blood sugar can deplete the body of muscle? T/F ____

Good Luck

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.