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At The Ehrhardt Center: We have to teach you to learn and accept the truth!

We do live from food that has no energy. Temporally. No energy, no message, no pathways of communication. You don't feel what you eat, because you fall asleep! You are too tired, you wake up with pain and fatigue.

Are you always hungry or crave certain foods that temporarily satisfy you!

"WE DO NOT LIVE FROM THE FOOD WE EAT, WE LIVE FROM THE ENERGY FROM THE FOOD WE EAT" NO ENERGY, NO MESSAGE, NO STEADY STATE OF UN-COMPROMISED FUNCTION. The wrong fuel the car stops! The wrong fuel for us and we eat or drink our young reserve of energy to nothing. So as we continue to deplete we acquire compromised function. " OH I'M GETTING OLDER ANYWAY" Thats not acceptable. WE KNOW HOW TO TEACH YOU TO FUNCTION IN COMPLETE HARMONY"

Identifiable Metabolic Activity/ Optimum Metabolic Activity

We can tell what time you have eaten? This tells you how your food has been chewed and metabolized. We can see if your weight is fatty from excessive dry textured carbohydrates, that make you wobble and tumble like Jello! We can see if your becoming dehydrated from eating to late and your fatigue is from mineral deficiencies. Your nerves are shot. You lose your temper. We can look at your saliva and salt and see how fast you are chewing. Eat faster eat more! We can tell how old the food is that you ate out at your favorite restaurant. We will enzymatically type you for your LIFESTYLE!


We can correct poor protein absorption!

We can stop you from waking up in the middle of the night!

"Excessive urination. We can tell how much of the food you are eating you are using, Mathematically. NUMBERS DON'T LIE." DR E

Healing is the art of talking with the patient and teaching them to learn the neurological art of wellness.

To have "Hope" Hope there is always hope there is always hope". No matter how ill you are, even if the final healing in our lives is death. It is better to face it with Hope, Faith and Trust then to depart feeling hopeless and completely ALONE!"

Sugar and salt are major enemies to all!

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