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At The Ehrhardt Center, medical nutrition is the science of knowing energy. When you eat the beginning of digestion starts in your mouth so we even look in your mouth to establish and maintain excellent oral health. When you eat food that gives you no energy your body receives no message. No message no energy, continued eating, dehydration and fatigue. This causes excessive eating, weight gain, hypertension, and other health risks. Poor decision making, mental fog, emotional eating. Sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy dry, textured soft food consumption, that gives you no energy and no recuperation, this is the beginning of the negative cycle. Real nutrition is the science of energy for the balance and regeneration of all the cells. It enhances and maintains function. It regenerates and heals. True Health and True Healing requires the body and all its organ systems to function easier. Here we test and find out: what your eating and its affects, when; times, late, early, or if you are drinking too much when you are eating that dilutes the digestive enzymes. If the food is too salty and its raising your LDL cholesterol. If you have reflux! From eating too late. If you wake up in the middle of the night between 1-4 am. If you fall asleep right after a late dinner. We can solve all these Problems! With your ease not with Disease!

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