Meet our Diabetes Care Specialist

Dr. Ernest A. Ehrhardt, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, NMD Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Trained in Integrative And Biological Dental Medicine.

As a well-respected author, speaker, and doctor of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Ernest A. Ehrhardt has set an impressive standard of care for his medical team and health care center. Dr. Ehrhardt currently acts as Chief General Practitioner at the Ehrhardt Center for Integrative Medicine, with specialties in the fields of Bio-chemical disorders and Nutrition. He has extensive clinical experience and a scope of expertise that extends to a broad methodology for effective health care. Dr. Ehrhardt couples his multi-faceted approach with an emphasis on patient education and involvement. He teaches his patients about their body’s individual messages, and involves each patient as a critical member of the health care team. A symptom does not have to be the  frightening sign of disease it is the message that must be recognized and cared for. 

Dr. Ehrhardt integrates the major evidence-based variables of health by interpreting the forensic physiological determinates of homeostasis. Knowing the functional numbers the body and mind use to balance and maintain peace and adaptive harmony. He and his medical team analyze their patients’ baseline chemistry to pinpoint the origin and contributing factors of specific disorders. Dr. Ehrhardt has developed advanced nutritional systems to balance the exchange of internal energy and reduce metabolic resistance. Metabolic resistance is determined by physical digestion, absorption and utilization of energy producing nutrients. His team facilitates ideal gastric activity and monitors the chemical precursors of ideal systemic energy to eradicate disorders and create an optimal environment for accelerated healing. 

Dr. Ehrhardt has advanced training in Integrative Medicine, with doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Since 2002, he has maintained a successful medical practice for Integrative Health Systems in NJ, where he has reversed hundreds of conditions, including diabetes .. Dr. Ehrhardt and his team recently launched an exciting expansion project at the Ehrhardt Center for Integrative Medicine in 2024 As the author of the soon-to-be released book  "Stay Healthy You're Dead For A Long Time" Dr. Ehrhardt continues to redefine his commitment to education and innovation to eradicate society’s most endemic disorders.


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