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In addition to Dr. Ehrhardt's services, we have a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (also known as a HypnoCounselor) available for additional support by appointment only.

Hypnotherapy is the name of the therapeutic modality in which hypnosis is used. Hypnotherapy is practiced by a hypnotherapist who is a trained, licensed, and/or certified professional.   Does Hypnotherapy actually work?  Hypnosis seems to be prescribed for just about everything.  From pain management, quitting smoking, to stress reduction.  Research suggests that hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for self-improvement. It works by empowering people to change and positively update subconscious beliefs.   Some use the terms mindfulness and meditation.

Rose Nadeau is Certified in Basic, Advance, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy for nearly 20 years.  She received her Certifications from the Academy of Professional Hypnosis in New Jersey .  As well, Rose is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).  Rose has a unique broad and balanced background and is passionate about helping others.  She obtained her Associates Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology  and her Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a focus on Psychology/Communications.  She's continued her education, taking various CEU courses in Lab Technology, nutrition, communication, even Digital Marketing.  She's held various rolls in the medical field.  Rose worked as Medical Technologist in a Hematology and Microbiology Laboratory helping to identify various blood disorders and infectious disease, providing these results to doctors and nurses for optimal patient care.   Nearly 70% of all diagnosis comes from the Medical Laboratory.  In addition, she is experienced in Phlebotomy (taking blood from patients from the ER to the ICU throughout the hospital).  Rose also spent many years of her career as a Medical Account Manager for a large non-profit organization, and a Fortune 500 medical company where she was responsible for customer relationships from the lab to the CEO level, in a $100 Million dollar territory, selling and educating doctors, nurses, and lab technologists on advanced medical equipment, lab related products, and blood products to hospitals on the east coast.  In more recent years, Rose has become the primary care taker for an elderly TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) patient, her mom, where she has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and navigated through various healthcare complications that soon followed.  Her experience in the medical field for nearly 30 years in addition to working together with healthcare systems on various levels, has basically put her in the roll of a 'Patient Advocate'.   She also continues to work part time in one of New Jersey's largest healthcare system's Microbiology Laboratory.   

Rose was introduced to hypnosis from a friend.  After graduating from college, she wished to become a medical sales rep but was shy by nature.  She passionately practiced self-hypnosis, to overcome any anxiety and insecurities.   She believed a great sales rep treated others as she wanted to be treated, kept their word, followed up timely and helped educate others on the most important benefits a product could offer to a patient and make a positive difference in the patient's care.  Continuously visualizing that customers wanted the products, that she reached her sales goals and won the top prize - a trip to a tropical island - she soon did.  When she won the award for North East Sales Rep of the Year, she realized how powerful the mind and hypnosis really is...  

After she was certified, she helped her mother obtain a deep state of relaxation.  Her mother, first skeptical, mostly of just the word 'hypnosis', absolutely loved to reach the deep state of relaxation.   A few years later her mother was hospitalized with a heart condition.  The cardiologist told her, if her heart did not go back to a normal rhythm by the morning, he would have to do some type of operation/ medical procedure.  Rose asked her mother if she wanted to have the heart operation. Her mother responded no, I want my heart to go back to it's normal rhythm.  Rose said well then let's do it! Rose reminded her mom how powerful and remarkable the mind and body really is.  How the body knows what it's normal heart rhythm should be and knows how to resume it.  Rose helped her mom achieve a deep state of relaxation, as she has done plenty of times previously.  During her relaxed stage, Rose used wording to  help her mother achieve a normal heart rhythm. The cardiologist came back in the morning.  When he checked her mother, to his surprise, he said, 'Wow, your heart is back to a normal rhythm -I don't know how. I'm very surprised but I am glad it is."   Rose has witnessed first hand how powerful the mind is.   

She emphasizes the importance for everyone to learn how to relax on a 'deeper level' so that if the need arises for 'powerful subconscious suggestions' the person is open and able to accept them quickly.  She feels that if she did not work with her mom previously helping her to relax deeply, that her mother may have not been as open and suggestible to getting her heart back to a normal rhythm.   

Rose states that the Hypnotherapist is really just the teacher or the guide, it's really up to the client to let go, relax, and do the work. Rose has also  used hypnosis to help create patented products and more, but her detailed Professional Medical background and passion for health and helping others can help you achieve your body and mind goals for optimal health.  Example Areas: Stress Reduction, Overall Relaxation, New Positive Healthy Eating Habits, Pain Management, Improved Wound Healing, Optimal Immune System, Goal Achievement.

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