Health Bank Account V

1. Weight-related illness is associated with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, all can be prevented by nutritional and biochemical analysis? T/F _____

2. Food combinations work by decreasing the digestive load and facilitating an orderly breakdown of macronutrients to micronutrients? T/F _____

3. When the digestive system is impaired it is better to eat large amounts of raw uncooked food than steamed vegetables? T/F ____

4. Foods that are heavy can take longer to digest but do not interfere with hydration and the uptake of minerals? T/F _____

5. High protein diets are good for wound healing and put no pressure on the liver, or the kidneys? T/F _____

6. All fluid is just as hydrating as water and alcohol? T/F _____

7.All Fruits and vegetables can be classified into four groups, betalains are purplish red, colorless to white, anthocyanins are red, purple, or blue, carotenoids are yellow and orange and some are pink to red, chlorophylls are green? T/F _____

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.