Knowing How To Heal

To appreciate function is to understand how your body rests, rebuilds, regenerates and heals. It is your body isn't it? If you are injured the only way you heal from food is by first getting energy that can send messages and direct nutrients to all your cells. If you eat a little food that is bad it won't hurt me? Right? Wrong! A peanut or a sulfur from a protein with toxic nitrogenous content can suffocate your cells and cause an anaphylactic allergic reaction, that immediately causes a loss in body heat. It can kill you! Constantly eating the wrong foods will eventually reduce your ability to store energy that can rebuild and repair you from from emotional, physical and biochemical stresses. Too much of any thing is not good. The key to life is listening to the messages your brilliant body sends you. Your body is where your spirit dwells and develops. Listen to it. If you get tired after you eat and your mouth is dry while your stomach is bloated, do you know why? Here it is folks! Your blood has become thicker and your oxygen levels have declined. Whats your poison? Its your move! 

Eat for energy and stick to the highest biologically valuable foods.

Regards Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D, BCIBDM