Players In Your Healthy Life Style

These are the realistic, alert, caring, people close to you. They give you unconditional regard and they want to encourage your success. They may have conversation with you about your new dedication to living a healthy life. They will discuss your truth and understanding your adaptation with communal affirmations that transcend your once small energy-less thoughts to now proven and acknowledged changes for highly functional balance. These thoughts of health are now a large part of your life, they give you much more ease and recognition and the people that love you, give you social affirmations through your change with grace and peace.

Happy and Healthy Holidays

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.

Health Bank Account II Answers:

1=F 2=F 3=T 4=T 5=T 6=T 7=T 8=C 9=F 10=T