The Ehrhardt Center

The changes and understanding of how to get well and stay well are what happens at The Ehrhardt Center. Healing is not a compromise, it is complete and total harmony with systemic control of the metabolism, it does not mean that this medication is the answer to the cause. It might stop the symptoms but at the same time it is blocking the nervous systems pathways to your problem. That's why you are numb, and when you are numb there is metabolic confusion. When there is disorganization in any metabolic pathway the result is without ease. When energy cannot be extracted from foods the human body can and will deplete itself of vital reserve energy. Having open and vital pathways to healing allow regeneration to occur with the foods that have a high biological value and give you energy first then the nutrients to stop the detrimental degeneration. Remember that food choices are made by you and your repertoire of capabilities. Your knowledge of food and how you feel has everything to do with function. If you eat food that fatigues you it makes you susceptible to not transporting nerve energy, then the pathways to your balance and your personal healing are blocked. No energy, No function, No regeneration, No rebuilding. Your doctor is your teacher, and food science is your life! 

With and for your grace.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.