What Is The Problem In America?

The problems are that everybody is in a rush and they don't know the truth about what food does to them and what the science of foods and nutrition stand for! Does food have any influence on healing? Does healing require extra nutrients? What does the biological value of foods have to do with healing? Are water soluble vitamins like B's needed daily for sleep and the nervous system? Are minerals needed for DNA transcription? Can we see problems in your mouth causing problems in specific areas of the human body? Can chewing well suppress the appetite? Can drinking water lower blood sugar? Can eating late at night make you tired in the morning? Does the television in your bedroom give off harmful energy? Does anger cause premature aging? Does sleep keep your appetite in control? What are the correct answers to these questions? Do Light colored vegetables cause an increase in glucose?

Until next time the answers will await.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D N.M.D