What Is The Truth?

If you eat late at night why are you tired in the morning? Because your blood sugar is high and with high blood sugar you have less oxygen in the blood.

Does late eating affect sleep and why? Late eating will cause insulin to be over produced especially if you skipped breakfast or lunch. This will result in falling asleep after eating late but then waking up soon after.

It will also increase the appetite.

It will make you fatter.

It will take calcium away from your joints and bones.

It will take years off of your life.

It will increase your blood pressure, it will increase the risk of further cardiovascular complications. 

If you eat fast will you eat more? Yes

If you keep your mouth clean, brush and floss, this will reduce the chances for dental carries and gum disease.

Is all fluid hydrating? No 

What drink hydrates and is the primary carrier of ions?

Plain pure water. 

Example: Alkazone or Fiji.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.