What Is Your Medicine?

Can food give you energy to carry nutrients to all the cells and tissues in the human body? What happens when a drug is in your system that is used to suppress symptoms? Does that make you or your doctor more or less conscious of the cause? Is prevention the way to reduce the incidence of disease or should you get sick before you get well?

Your medicine is your knowledge of knowing the science of food, from your mouth,through your entire alimentary canal. To understand the need for energy without excess salt, sugar, nitrates, textured dry foods and the feeling of never being satisfied. Being tired and not getting rest. Urinating in the middle of the night, not feeling tired in the morning. Your medicine is listening to the messages your body sends you. It is knowing the genius of food for the consistent healing of all the interconnecting systems. Don't be afraid to get to know yourself. Its much more fun to be healthy and alert to all the foods that give you energy and help you to heal. Green foods give you chlorophyll and magnesium which have hundreds of functions but the two for this week are, reduce blood sugar and increase hemoglobin.

Regards To All 

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.