Health Bank Account II

1. Eating Fast feeds the cells and suppresses the appetite? T/F____.

2. Drinking Carbonated beverages while eating stops flatulence? T/F ____.

3. Chewing your food slowly and completely will satisfy your hunger faster? T/F ____.

4. During times of insomnia calcium coming from dairy like, mozzarella and feta cheese may alleviate poor sleep? T/F ___.

5. Consistent physical exercise, massages the organs, increases circulation, and lowers blood sugar? T/F ____.

6. Consistent physical exercise oxygenates the blood, reduces fatigue, cleanses the liver, stores glycogen, burns sugar, and reduces the risk factors for diabetes and cancer? T/F ____.

7. Salt increases insulin resistivity, raises LDL cholesterol and increases risks for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and the total cholesterol quotient. T/F____.

8. Which one of the nutrient groups is responsible for all of these functions: nerve transmission, muscle contraction, DNA synthesis and acid base balance? A. Vitamins___ B. Fats ___ C. Minerals ___.

9. Turnips, leek, okra, parsnips and cauliflower, do not increase blood glucose levels? T/F ____.

10. Nuts can be sold for up to two years after they have been harvested? T/F____.

Answers from previous Health Bank Account: Body 1=F 2=F 3=F 4=F 5=T Mind: 1=F 2=F 3=F 4=T 5=T

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