Here Are The Reasons for Weight Gain!

You are not eating for energy when you eat food that makes you: tired, bloated, hungry, craving sweets and having no control, poor concentration, anger, anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness, insomnia, dry mouth, coughing, clearing of the throat, heart burn, reflux, constipation, excessive urination, and just eating the same food all the time. If you eat heavy, sweet, salty, or spicy foods all the time, the first problem is dehydration. Dehydration affects all the minerals that carry ions. No minerals, no energy. No energy, no message. When there is no message sent to the nerves in the gut, there is no message sent to the hypothalamus of the brain, then what happens? You Keep eating! Now if you keep eating and get no energy and you store fat and lose muscle, you lose shape and symmetry . Muscle burns fat and gives you shape and is the bodies primary storage of energy. Do you want to exercise now? Too bad! No exercise high blood sugar, insulin secretion and fat storage. When you skip a meal your body slows down and eats what little reserve energy you have. You have to do this.

1. Don't eat after 6:30 pm

2. Don't skip meals. Don't eat a late breakfast: after 8;30 am.

3. Eat more colored vegetables: green, red, purple.

4. Have both cooked and raw vegetables. You need five to stay alive!

5. Drink plain pure water: 16 oz before you brush your teeth in the morning. Drink 1 cup 30 minutes before every meal and 60-90 minutes after. Reduce salt and sugar and eat a variety of foods!

6. Get 7.45 hours of rest and lose weight.

Ernest Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.

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