Salt And Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by  sugar, salt, LDL cholesterol and calcium. Salt increases LDL cholesterol and causes plaque to line endothelial membranes of the kidneys while raising blood pressure with simultaneous affects to the intima lining of blood vessels. The salt hardens the fat on the low density lipoproteins while thickening and scaring the lining of blood vessels. Mixing sugar with salted fats that are cured with higher nitrates is like swallowing glass. Sugar or textured complex carbohydrates harden fat and dehydrate the cells. This blocks vital nerve pathways and you begin to eat anything in sight. The reason is? You have no energy. Cholesterol is a building block for just about every tissue in the human body, but too much salt over produces it and then it makes all kinds of internal injuries. Salt and sugar attract each other. Eat sweets attract more sweets and then eat more salt. Too much high protein just does not work! Animal proteins especially chicken and muscle meats are always high in salt. Why? Well if you add salt to animal feed, it makes them bigger and it also increases hormone absorption and output. Your eating animals with high blood pressure. Salt makes insulin resistive. When insulin does not work guess what? Sugar goes up. This is again a form of malnutrition.

Stay Well and watch the salt.

Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N. M.D. 

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