Vegetables And Energy

Why are green leafy vegetables so beneficial? First they have chlorophyl which has the protective ability to stop cancer. How does a green pigment stop cancer and diabetes? It stops glucose from aggregating in the blood from its enzymatic activity from magnesium. The magnesium in the plant pigment can produce hemoglobin which can help to thin out the blood by allowing red blood cells to burn glucose inside the cell. This simultaneously creates a cleaning of the blood that normalizes blood glucose and reduces the risk for oxygen deprivation resulting in the feeding of cancer cells. Cooked green leafy vegetables, not over cooked are also sources of iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-!, B-2, folic acid, b-12 vitamin C and fiber. This then does the most vital metabolic reaction, which is to increase energy by cleansing the liver, kidney's, pancreas, bowel, cardiovascular system and the lymphatics. You need FIVE TO STAY ALIVE!

Be Well!

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