What Happens When You Eat Old Food?

Real nutrition is the exchange of biologically active foods for energy. When you eat food that gives you no energy that's when you feel tired and bloated. When you eat to physical fullness that disturbs your digestion and causes you to have false satiety. What is false satiety? Eating any kind of food that makes you feel good for only a short time, doesn't that make you eat more food sooner then later? If the food you choose is, old, overcooked, or processed eat it and watch how fat you get. Why would you get fat? Because food that is not fresh can't feed the cells as it has no energy transference to send nutrients to the cells. So it uses up your reserve energy which then affects your ideal function. Choose your foods wisely and shop more in the produce isle for the colored vegetables. The human body needs water at the right times and foods within the 12/12 rule of eating and fasting. Keep in mind that listening to the messages your body sends you helps you to stay young, lean, and not over used. The power of healing is only done with the right foods and your personal knowledge. Food is your medicine but knowledge of the reactions of how foods affect you are the key to real health. Real health is the power to know and choose what is right for you now. The balance of power is how we heal. With this balance we stay lean and strong. Get ready for the beach!

Regards Ernest A Ehrhardt I.M.D. N.M.D.

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